Richard L. Cox, Sr., CFP

Cox Wealth Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser located in Chattanooga. Tennessee, providing a full range of Wealth Management Services for our clients, including Practice Management, Asset Protection, Investment Management and Tax planning advice.

Whether it’s planning for retirement, protecting your family, managing your investments, or leaving a legacy for those you leave behind, it all starts with a comprehensive financial plan, one where we assist you each step along the way.

We are a goals centered planning firm, helping you answer the questions, “When can I retire?”, “Will I be able to travel and see the world?”, “What happens if I become disabled?”, “Will my family be provided for should I die unexpectedly?” How much will college cost for my Children?”, “Am I receiving all the tax breaks I’m legally entitled?”, “How do I leave my assets to my family without undue cost and taxation?”

These questions, and many more, are explored during our planning sessions together and when finished your virtual plan updates your progress, as your goals are reached and your needs change.

When you are ready to commit to truly building a comprehensive financial plan, one which has lasting value and impact for you and the lives you care about the most, then we encourage you to call us for a free consultation, to discuss how we can help you build a truly significant life!

Securities offered through American Portfolios Financial Services a Registered Broker/Dealer Member of FINRA/SIPC. Investment Advice offered through Cox Wealth Management, LLC a Registered Investment Adviser. American Portfolios Financial Services and Cox Wealth Management, LLC are nonaffiliated entities. 

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