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David Steininger, IAR

Series 6, 26, 63, 65
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David Steininger

After a circuitous career path, David Steininger became a fully licensed financial professional after experiencing for himself the peace of mind of receiving comprehensive financial planning and knowing he was on course for life-long financial security. In the 1980s, as a member of the Writers Guild, David wrote professionally staged plays and scripts for film and Television. In the 1990s David transitioned from entertainment writing to technical writing then business consultancy. It was in 1999 that David became a financial planning client of Primerica. The firm’s holistic approach to financial services inspired him to deep-dive into attaining all the education and accreditation necessary to become a financial professional himself.

For nearly 2 decades now David has melded all of his previous experience with a passion for bringing his hard-working clients the same clarity and confidence about their financial life choices that he’s been fortunate enough to achieve for himself.

Relationship with an Advisor
In a managed account program, your advisor is the bridge between you and your financial goals. He/she is a fiduciary whose responsibility is to put your interests first. Your advisor will work closely with you to discover your goals, needs, preferences, and risk tolerance. Based on these findings, your advisor will identify one or more professional asset managers whose investment philosophy and style are aligned with your objectives and preferences. Your advisor can assist you with understanding any changes made to the investment models and can help you track whether an investment model continues to meet your needs and objectives over time. Your advisor is a critical part of the process and can help you stay committed and focused on your investing plan.

Role of the Professional Asset Manager(s)
The professional asset managers use their expertise to create and manage investment models that are made available to investors in the managed account program. Their responsibility is to manage the individual model based on the designed risk profile and asset allocation. The professional asset managers and investment models are chosen to be part of the managed account program using rigorous due diligence standards. If a manager doesn’t perform to the standards of the due diligence requirements, they may be removed from the managed account program. This process promotes an emotion-free approach to investing and manager selection.

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