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Stan T. Webb

DreamCatcher Wealth Management is a financial advisory firm based in Wichita, Kansas. Our firm, which was founded in 1985 by Stan T. Webb, offers integrative wealth management solutions to individual investors and their families. Our clients include athletes, business owners, corporate executives, educators, medical professionals and retirees. With our unique approach, we strive to deliver professional advice and service on a consistent basis. If you are looking for a new financial advisor or just interested in getting a “second opinion” we would be happy to speak with you.

Managing wealth can be a daunting challenge…

  • How much is enough?
  • Which investments should we own? Avoid?
  • What changes should we be making to our portfolio and when?
  • How can we capitalize on other opportunities to enhance our wealth? How can we minimize the risks that threaten our wealth?
  • How do we know if our assets adequately protected?
  • Are we adequately prepared to care for aging family members?
  • What are my responsibilities as steward of my family’s wealth?
  • Does our estate plan take advantage of all available preservation strategies?
  • How can our wealth be used to make the world a better place now and in the future?

These are just a few of the important questions DreamCatcher Wealth Management can help you answer. Our unique wealth management process begins with a conversation that takes place before we start offering advice. We call it the DreamCatcher Wealth Dialogue™. It provides us with clarity about your financial needs and objectives. We take our time to make sure we understand what is important to you. We also want to know what you would like to achieve with your wealth during and after your lifetime. If and when appropriate, we include other family members in these important conversations. We often find that our clients also gain clarity from these ongoing conversations.

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