First Bank Home Mortgage

Jonathan Brozek, NMLS #850168

First Bank Doctor Mortgage Loan

  • Footprint for Professional Loan CA, NE, IL, KS, MO (Dr’s Dentist, Attorney)
  • All 50 for conforming and high balance.

First Bank Doctor Mortgage Loan product options and other details include:

  • 0% down to $400K loan amount
  • 5% down to $1MM
  • 10% down to $2.5MM
  • No PMI option.
  • Single family, condominiums, and townhomes.
  • Down payment can be gifted from family with no seasoning requirements (some cases may need 5% of own funds)
  • Student loans-qualifying payment to be GREATER of actual documented payment, or 1% of outstanding principal balance.  Note: deferred student loans may be ignored during residency / fellowship period
  • Fast closings 

Jonathan Brozek: A Beacon of Integrity in Mortgage Banking

First Bank doctor mortgage loan jonathan Brozek

In an industry teeming with professionals, Jonathan Brozek stands out distinctly in the realm of mortgage banking. Celebrating two decades in mortgage lending, his reputation is not just built on experience, but on an unwavering commitment to ethics and integrity.

Over the years, Jonathan has cultivated a reputation for being a trusted adviser, especially among professionals in the medical field. Doctors, often caught up in their demanding schedules, require a mortgage banker who can simplify complexities, offer straightforward advice, and ensure smooth transactions. In Jonathan, they find someone who not only understands their unique financial landscapes but also respects the sanctity of their time.

But Jonathan’s expertise isn’t limited to just one profession. His clientele spans a broad spectrum, encompassing a diverse range of professionals. This versatility can be attributed to his deep understanding of the market, his commitment to continuous learning, and his genuine passion for helping clients find the perfect mortgage solutions tailored to their individual needs.
One of Jonathan’s standout specialties is in the area of construction loans. In a field that often sees fluctuating regulations and intricate details, clients seek someone with both knowledge and experience. Jonathan provides a seamless experience, guiding clients from the groundwork of their dream homes to the final brick. His in-depth understanding ensures that clients are well-informed, empowered, and confident in their decisions.

Beyond construction loans, Jonathan is adept at navigating the realms of home purchasing and refinancing. With property being one of the most significant investments a person makes in their lifetime, having a seasoned professional like Jonathan by one’s side can make all the difference. In a nutshell, Jonathan Brozek is more than just a mortgage banker with 20 years under his belt. He’s a beacon for those seeking clarity in the often-murky waters of mortgage banking, a testament to what dedication, ethics, and genuine care for clients can achieve. Whether you’re a doctor, an engineer, or a teacher, with Jonathan, you’re not just getting a mortgage; you’re investing in peace of mind.

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