IntelliPlan, Inc.

David Topor

IntelliPlan Inc. is a company committed to assist clients in designing a coordinated financial plan that meets their individualized goals by providing them information and choices. We offer a wide range of financial and insurance products from a variety of top-rated carriers to insure our clients have the best choices and solutions available.

It all starts with a commitment to take the necessary time to understand you, your unique circumstances and your true purpose of money. Once we establish this relationship, we will start to focus attention on both your income and savings goal both long and short term. Once that is established, we will implement an investment stategy that will be based on your own risk and growth expectations. Finally, we will develop a strategy to transfer wealth to your beneficiaries and heirs with a realistic understanding of tax implications. Intelliplan believes that this process will enable our clients to identify their goals and make sound decisions for their future.

  • Retirement Planning
  • 401(k) Roll-overs
  • Income Planning
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