Matthew Paradis

Hello, My name is Matthew Paradis and I work with Berkshire Hathaway Platinum Realty Group here in central Ohio. I have been in Real Estate since 2019. I have spent 3 years prior to becoming a Realtor in the lending sector of real estate. Having lending experience, I am well prepared beyond the qualifications of most other Realtors, two reasons being that I am more knowledgeable of lending processes and products and lenders love working with a Realtor who knows procedure. Working with a particular clientele type, it is extremely beneficial to know lots of different lender at different companies, there are many great lenders out there but each lender is a person and conducts their business differently, thus it pays to connect clients with the best lender that will work with you at your knowledge and preferred pace of buying a home. 

There is nothing worse than someone trying to tell you what to do and they themselves have not done it. I have gone through the process myself, at the young age of 24 of buying my first house that I have rented out at a profit. This speaks to my knowledge of investments and having personally gone through the process, not just knowing what to do but having that experience myself. 

The most important part of being a great Realtor is knowing the market. My morning coffee is always accompanied by analyzing the central Ohio market and understanding the areas my clients are looking in. This also means that I am not part of a team, when you work with me you will not get random messages from other people on “the team”. Any question you have I can get the answer to. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Platinum Realty Group has been in central Ohio for the past 30 years and that is the knowledge base that I operate with. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out with a text, email or call anytime!  

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