TD Bank Doctor Loan

William Fagan

Who qualifies for the TD Bank Doctor Loan?

  • Licensed medical or dental residents and fellows with a minimum of two years’ completed residency
  • Practicing physicians (MD, DO, DPM), dentists (DDS, DMD) and oral surgeons less than 10 years out of residency
  • Self-employed borrowers with a minimum of two years’ work history

When can I use it?
Purchasing or refinancing a primary residence

How much can I borrow with TD Bank?

  • Up to $750,000 – 100% LTV
  • $750,001 – $1,250,000 – 95% LTV
  • $1,250,001-$1,500,000 – 89.99% LTV

What can I buy with the TD Bank Doctor Loan?
Single family residence, condominium, Co-ops (certain markets), PUDs

Is personal mortgage insurance (PMI) required with the TD Bank loan?
No PMI required

What about debt-to-income ratios?
Flexible based upon verified income

You can trust TD Bank to deliver a superior mortgage experience. Whether you’re purchasing or refinancing, we provide straightforward, easy-to-understand products and advice, allowing you to make smart borrowing decisions that meet your needs today and tomorrow.

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