TD Bank Doctor Mortgage Loan

Neil Surgenor, NMLS #372700

Get the lowdown on the TD Bank Doctor Mortgage Loan

Who qualifies for a TD Bank Doctor Mortgage?

  • Licensed Medical or Dental Residents and Fellows
  • Existing Physicians/Doctors (MD, DO, DPM), Dentists (DDS, DMD), Oral Surgeons – must be out of residency less than 10 years

When can I use it?
Purchasing or refinancing a primary residence

How much can I borrow?

  • Up to $750,000 – 100% LTV
  • $750,001 – $1,250,000 – 95% LTV
  • $1,250,001-$1,500,000 – 89.99% LTV

What can I buy?
Single family residence, condominium, Co-ops (certain markets), PUDs

Is personal mortgage insurance (PMI) required?
No PMI required

What about debt-to-income ratios?
Flexible based upon verified income

TD Bank Doctor Loan Footprint:

CT, DE, DC, FL, ME, MD, MA, NH, NJ, NY, NC, PA, RI, SC, VT and VA

You can trust TD Bank to deliver a superior mortgage experience. Whether you’re purchasing or refinancing, we provide straightforward, easy-to-understand products and advice, allowing you to make smart borrowing decisions that meet your needs today and tomorrow.

About Neil Surgenor

I have over 20 year’s experience in helping families with the financial needs. I am a Physician loan Specialist and one of only a select few people in the Nation to be designated as a ‘MedPro’ due to my experience and success in working with Physicians. Through hard work and sincere dedication to helping provide my customers with the best mortgage solution I have remained in the top 1% in the Nation as a Mortgage Loan Advisor. While having a successful tenure in the mortgage industry I have the added benefit of being a former Financial Advisor on Wall street prior to entering the mortgage business which allows me to better advise my clients on financing that fits their overall financial profile not just their immediate mortgage needs.

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