Nick Filippo

Tower Bridge Advisors & Medical & Dental Professionals

As a medical professional, your financial situation is more complex than most individuals. You have personal investment assets, a retirement plan that includes not only yourself but also your employees, and you run a business which may require significant capital as you grow and expand your business. A number of our clients also own their office building, which is another asset that must be considered when analyzing your financial situation.

At Tower Bridge Advisors, our process starts with an understanding of your overall financial picture. We then build a customized portfolio that meets your needs for income and growth and matches your risk tolerance. In most cases, we manage our clients’ personal portfolios as well as the 401(k) or profit sharing plan for their practice. Our clients feel that they benefit from having a single provider who understands their overall goals and their total financial picture, and continually stays abreast of any changes that may impact the plan.

Tower Bridge Advisors is proud to be a part of MD Preferred, the only comprehensive online resource center for doctors and healthcare professionals. We are uniquely qualified to work with medical professionals, given our experience with our existing client base. We understand that managing your practice is a full time job, making it difficult to manage your finances as well. Just as your patients trust you as the expert looking out for their best interests, our clients rely on us to be their financial experts. And as fiduciaries, we are committed to always acting in your best interest.

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