Paragon Wealth Strategies

Jonathan Castle, MSFS, CFP

PARAGON Wealth Strategies, LLC, is a fee-only financial advisory firm specializing in well-researched retirement income strategies. Whether you are approaching retirement, or already living in retirement, it is likely that our team of financial advisors can help improve your situation. Optimizing your retirement is our specialty.


Often, people (many financial advisors included) hear the term “Wealth Management” and think only of “Investment Management.” More accurately, investment management is a sub-component of Wealth Management.

Private Wealth Management is a comprehensive, ongoing effort to maximize a client’s total wealth picture for today, tomorrow, and for future generations. It addresses your personal values, and requires a team of highly trained professionals working together to achieve your goals. No single advisor can perform the task of Private Wealth Management. By training, the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERâ„¢ professional is ideally suited to coordinate all other specialists’ actions on your behalf. Sometimes this function is called the “Financial Quarterback.” Whatever the term – if your financial advisor is not performing this function… perhaps you should upgrade. Likely, you are paying too much for too little. PARAGON’s Wealth Management includes:

  • Financial Planning for Life Decisions
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Investment Optimization and Cost Reduction
  • Recession Protocolâ„¢ To Protect Your Investments
  • Investor Coaching and Behavioral Finance
  • Tax Planning & Tax Minimization
  • Strategies to Protect Your Wealth
  • Survivor, Special Needs, and Estate Planning

PARAGON Wealth Strategies’ financial advisors work as a team, not as individual advisors. This allows each of us us to individually focus on creating specialized knowledge that each financial advisor can bring to the table as a part of an integrated team working on your behalf. Few of our clients need ALL of our services, but most of them need at least some of them. These services are usually provided to our Wealth Management clients without additional costs. If you are paying investment management fees to an advisor, but are not receiving these services, we encourage you to explore how working with PARAGON can benefit you by scheduling a Discovery Meeting.

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