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Imagine if a physician could find a Real Estate Professional that specialized in working with physicians by visiting an online database of real estate professionals who regularly sell homes to doctors.  MD Preferred provides just such a database.  When searching for homes for sale a doctor or other healthcare professional is often interested in upscale neighborhoods in close proximity to area hospitals.  Because most physicians have on call responsibilities they will want a personal residence that has a short drive time to not only their medical practice office or clinic but also to the hospital where they admit patients.

Young Physicians, Residents and Fellows

A search for residential real estate will be driven by the special needs of the doctor.  Young physicians who have recently graduated from their medical residency or fellowship program may well be most concerned that they are able to qualify for a home loan.  They will usually still be carrying a small mountain of medical education debt.  Finding a preferred real estate agent that has access to funding designed specifically for physician buyers is a big plus.  In addition to listing preferred Real Estate Professionals with experience in working with young physicians with high income but limited net worth, MD Preferred Services offers a complete database of preferred lenders with special physician mortgage programs.  Often these programs do not require private mortgage insurance and allow for low down payments of as little as 10%.  MD Preferred real estate agents have relationships with these preferred lenders.

Established Practicing Physicians

Established physicians with strong earnings, high salaries and high net worth are not as effected by stringent lending standards, high property taxes or luxury home prices.  They are more concerned with quality of life issues that affect their families.  Access to quality public schools and private schools, recreational amenities, safe neighborhoods, strong real estate values and social amenities such as exclusive clubs and high end dining venues.  An MD Preferred real estate professional will know which neighborhoods are preferred by physicians.  They can provide information about taxes, schools and community features.  They often have close working relationships with area medical practices, clinics and hospitals.  They are prepared to conduct both virtual tours and on site tours when physicians are interviewing for a new practice opportunity.

Senior Physicians and Retirees

Senior physicians and those approaching retirement will often be empty nesters considering downsizing their personal homes.  They may wish to consider upscale Condos or Townhomes in country club communities or retirement communities.  An MD Preferred real estate agent can work around the physician’s schedule and help them make an informed decision that meets all of their family and social needs.

Investment Property

All real estate professionals listed in the MD Preferred online database are either actively representing investment properties or can mount a search through an associate to meet the investment needs of any physician.

In every case, MD Preferred Services is designed to help doctors and other medical professionals find preferred real estate agents offering custom real estate search services including virtual property tours and searches for doctors.  Our indexed real estate database is easy to use and is completely confidential in that any contact with a listed agent or relocation specialist will be initiated by the physician.  An MD real estate agent is the right prescription for physicians looking for the perfect home. 

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