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Tina Pittman

Tina Pittman, CPA dba Your Accountant, LLC is a Chambersburg CPA firm that’s committed to your success. We make it our business to know your business well enough to improve your tax position, capital position, business structure and benefits packages, acquisition potential, and much more. We earn our fees by adding value to your company and to your asset base. We have learned a great deal since we began in this business and we are ready to apply this knowledge to enhance your company’s growth and success. Together we can conquer all the intricacies of doing business in today’s fast-paced economy. 

Tina Pittman, CPA dba Your Accountant, LLC was formed in 2010 but our staff has been providing services for over 30 years. They also participate in annual professional continuing education courses offered by various vendors accredited by PA Board of Certified Public Accountants.

Our staff prides themselves in perfecting the accounting process. Their vision and large corporate knowledge are utilized by small to medium sized companies. Whether your company envisions growth or wants to save money in taxes or business operations, our firm is there to service your needs. Business owners and managers are challenged on a daily basis to maintain a competitive edge. Some days, this is no walk in the park. Business leaders need to wear many hats which leaves very little time to actually run the business. Business owners have many questions but no one to ask nor have anyone to assist the manager. That is where we can help.

Being in business is no longer a bookkeeping matter – think outside the box. Come join us and let us grow with your business. Call 717-504-8808 to schedule your free consultation.

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