Ryan Carney

Winthrop Partners serves the Medical and Dental Communities from Internship through retirement. Because we know the value of your degree, Winthrop has no minimum net worth requirements for physicians and dentists. We are willing to work with young professionals in these markets as they establish themselves. Winthrop is well-versed in providing financial planning advice, debt reduction and structuring strategies, mortgage structuring advice, contract and partnership structuring advice, disability and life insurance advice (Note: we do not sell insurance) and advice concerning asset protection structures and vehicles that are unique to Physicians and Dentists.

Most importantly, Winthrop Partners are legally bound, via the Securities and Exchange Commission and culturally bound via NAPFA, to be Fee-Only Fiduciaries who are obligated to put our clients needs first, negotiate solely on our clients behalf and disclose any conflict of interest with our clients. Finally, we invest in you before you invest with us. Planning and investment services are based on trust. We provide a substantial amount of service upfront while you get to know us including: Portfolio X Rays, risk assessment and evaluations, an initial allocation strategy and initial goal planning and assessments – all prior to you investing dollar one with us.


I have a passion for investing and following the financial markets. It’s incredibly rewarding to build successful wealth plans and investment portfolios for my clients. Every client is unique; goals and resources vary widely. I enjoy learning about each client’s circumstances and drawing upon our expertise and knowledge to create a path to success. We like to say at Winthrop that “more money is made and lost outside the stock market than inside”, which emphasizes the importance of combining wealth planning with investment management. Improving our clients’ chances of reaching their goals is what I enjoy most about being in financial services.

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